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MINT SNUFF Non-Tobacco Chew & Pouches. "We help people quit chewing tobacco & quit smoking."
Mint Snuff is a non-tobacco, herbal chew made of mint instead of tobacco. Safe to eat, safe to swallow.
Mint Snuff All Mint Chew and Pouches are manufactured with food-grade, safe-to-eat ingredients, similar to a candy, confectionery product.
Our manufacturing plant is licensed and inspected by the Oregon Dept of Agriculture and the FDA as an edible food product (candy/confectionery) Non-addictive, healthy alternative to chewing tobacco and cigarettes.
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Phone us 9a-5p Pacific Time Monday-Friday
1-800-328-6468 (1-800-EAT-MINT) or (541) 923-8845

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Mayo Clinic recommends use of non-tobacco chew and pouches to help tobacco cessation. So does Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center. Mint Snuff is recommend by dentists, dental hygienists & County Health Departments across the USA to help their patients quit.

Innovative Quit Smoking Program

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco

Mint Snuff is a tobacco alternative, not a tobacco substitute, and is therefore not subject to tobacco taxes.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has categorized Mint Snuff as edible food, similar to a confectionery. It is manufactured with food-grade ingredients that are all Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration. It is an edible product, similar to candy.

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9am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday

Terms of Service and Privacy: Oregon Mint Snuff Co. does not collect any of your personal information. If you decide to purchase our non-tobacco chew, you click over to our Shopify shopping cart and are then subject to their terms of service. Mint Snuff does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose our customers' information to third parties.