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Testimonials From Mint Snuff Customers- "how I quit chewing tobacco"

"Dear Bill: I wanted to write and thank you and the many employees of Mint Snuff for saving my life. I have been a snuff user for many, many years having started during my college days at the age of 19. For the past 30 years, I have tried repeatedly to kick the habit of three snuff cans a week, but quitting made me extremely irritable and I was not able to handle the nicotine withdrawals. As you can well imagine, over the last 30 years I have tried just about everything, including nicotine patches and prescription medications, albeit unsuccessfully, to quit. Then, a close friend of mine heard about your company. My friend ordered a roll of Beaver Chew and diluted the snuff with your product - 10 cans of snuff to 1 can of Beaver Chew. Over the course of 6 months she gradually increased the proportion of Beaver Chew to snuff. After a 6 month period, I am happy to report that I am tobacco and nicotine free and I suffered no irritability and no side effects as a result of my quitting snuff. At present, I continue to keep a can of Beaver Chew with me just in case I get the urge to dip snuff. As you know, because of the natural ingredients of Beaver Chew, I can utilize your product knowing that I am not harming my health. I am extremely serious when I say thanks to the employees of Mint Snuff for saving my life because now that I have quit snuff, I realize how adversely it was affecting my health. Please pass along my message of thanks and gratitude to the officers and employees of Mint Snuff for creating a product that has allowed me to be free from nicotine and regain my health. Sincerely, M.G."

"Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoy using your product. I have dipped tobacco since I was 16 years old. Now at 44, my kids wanted me to quit. I have to be honest, I loved dipping. About 7 weeks ago I ordered 20 tins of your mint Beaver Chew. I have not used or dipped tobacco since. I dropped the use of tobacco cold turkey. No fading out, just stopped using it! I wanted you to know of my success story and wanted to thank you for your product. With My Compliments -J. M."

"I am a glowing testimonial for Mint Snuff. I was a pack-and-a-half a day smoker for twelve years. After trying to quit "Cold Turkey" several times and not wanting to use the Patch, my wife urged me to try Mint Snuff. I went out and bought a can and expected it to work only for about a week like everything else. To my surprise I still use Mint Snuff and haven't bought a pack of cigarettes for almost three years. I feel great and my wife doesn't complain about the stink. Thank you for such a great product and be assured that you have a life long friend and customer. Thank you again from both me and my wife. -Scott & Elizabeth H."

"What a great product. Keeps me from having the urge to chew tobacco. Thank you. -S.W."

"Dear Bill, Thank you so much for creating Mint Snuff! I am eternally grateful! My husband had been using snuff tobacco for years and hiding it from me. He said he was embarrassed of his habit and didn't know how to quit. I was so upset when I found out I started tons of research to find ways to help him to quit. I was so lucky to find your ad on! I ordered him one tin of every flavor you offer for him to try it. Your website and ordering process is very easy to use and secure. Thankfully, the Mint Snuff worked! He quit cold turkey and loves your products. He chews Mint Snuff regularly and I am all for it, at least I know it will not cause cancer and hurt his health! His favorite is the Beaver Chew and we order it all the time! For anyone who is thinking of trying Mint Snuff --- Go for it! It is the best product available! My husband said he would have never been able to quit without it! Thank you so very much! -K.K."

"I was a hard core Copenhagen® addict for 15 years. I tried to quit numerous times because the price kept climbing but I couldn't because of the physical dependency. One day I went to buy a can of Cope and and saw Mint a fraction of the cost. I haven't chewed tobacco since. Mint Snuff was the key to beating my addiction. -Tommy"

"I have been a spit-tobacco user for 35 years. The last 28 years on Skoal. I am a recovering 1 can/day addict. On Jan. 17,2004 I bought my last can of spit-tobacco. I have used about 3 cans per week of your product to help me recover from my addiction. Thank you for making a safe alternative to spit-tobacco that has a good flavor and packs like smokeless. It has been a critical component to my ongoing recovery. I'm at 94 days now and never want to go back to spit-tobacco again. Once again many thanks. Sincerely, D.R.N."

"I ordered some product from you and must say it arrived faster (to Canada) than promised and is a GREAT replacement for tobacco. I'm currently using Mint Snuff in conjunction with the patch - it supplies the strength required to quell the urge. It has the added-benefit of giving me GREAT breath. I consider it a very satisfying product. I also think your pricing is a tremendous value! Sincerely, T.M."

"Thanks to these Pouches, I've been smoke free since Jan.1st! I can't handle the Mint but the Wintergreen Pouches really help me with cravings. These Pouches have been a life saver for me...literally! -S.P."

"I have been chewing Kodiak since about 8th grade, getting disappointed with myself and quitting every now and then with no luck. My doctor gave me about 50 pieces of Nicorette and two tins of your Mint Snuff Pouches to help me get started quitting. Since that day I have only had four pieces of Nicorette and have been using Mint Snuff Pouches. I have for the first time (in all the times that I have attempted to quit) not had any cravings for any Chew! The Pouches have worked great. The cooling-effect of the mint between my lip and gums mimics the sensation of having a chew in and I can have a Pouch in at anytime without having a huge bulge in my mouth showing. I have recommended this to everyone that I know that chews. I can't thank you enough! -D.R."

"I'm 26 and have been a hard-core dipper for about 10 years. I tried several times to quit due to oral health concerns but never made it longer than 2 weeks. After noticing pre-cancerous looking lesions on my cheek, I decided to try and quit once more. I looked on the web for help topics on quitting and stumbled across your site. I ordered 3 cans and have not used "real" snuff since. Those 3 lasted about a week and then I went to the tobacco shop a couple towns over that stocks your product and bought a whole roll of your original mint chew. I dont even have the urge to dip anymore. Your mint chew gives me the sensation of having a dip, but without all the worry of mouth cancer. Thanks a lot for such a helpful product. I will probably be a customer for life. -S.T."

"I've never sent a testimonial to any company about anything ever before. But I have to drop you a note about your product. I have been addicted to nicotine for nearly 20 years. I started smoking. Later I "quit" only to replace the cigarette with a cigar. After I couldn't breathe, I started to chew tobacco. This cycle went in circles more than I can remember. It didn't matter how, I just needed my nicotine. A couple of months ago an old family friend died of cancer. It started in his mouth. He chewed tobacco for 40 years. I had to quit. I've tried quitting tobacco many, many times using cold turkey, gum, patches... you name it. I decided to use a combination of your Mint Snuff Chew and the patch to ease me off. I've been off of nicotine now for about 4 weeks and I have to say, I could not have done it with the patch alone, I know, I tried before. To make good news even better, with the success I had, my brother, a Skoal chewer of 20 years is now on the patch and your Mint Snuff Chew and has successfully been without tobacco going into his fourth week! I hope that on occasion you stop to consider the possibility that what you are doing will possibly save someone's life. You might have saved mine or my brothers'. -M.O."

"I had been "dipping" since I was 12 yrs old. Started off with Skoal and then went to Copenhagen. Unfortunately my three sons also starting dipping when they became teens. January 2005, at the age of 44, I celebrated by 4th anniversary of being tobacco free thanks to Mint Snuff Pouches. My wife had asked me to quit several times over the past 20+ yrs not only for my health but to set an example for our 3 sons. While on vacation in January 2001, I stopped by a gas station and noticed the Mint Snuff Pouches next to the Copenhagen. I bought a can and quit cold turkey. I must admit I had a few rough days but thanks to the Mint Snuff Pouches I was able to get through them. My wife loves the way my breath smells and is happy not to see stains and flecks of tobacco in my teeth anymore. Not only is the cost of the Pouches so much less than tobacco, I was able to get a reduction on the cost of my life insurance policy after being tobacco free for 2 yrs. Our 23yr old son finally decided to quit after 10 yrs of Copenhagen and try the Mint Snuff Pouches. He has been tobacco free for 3 weeks now! I told him I would buy all the Mint Snuff Pouches he wanted if he stayed tobacco free. My daughter-in-law likes the way his breath smells and is thrilled to save the $5 a can cost of tobacco. We are both working on his younger brothers and hope to soon be a tobacco free family. My only concern is that our local Meijer stores can't keep up with our family needs. I always buy an entire sleeve for myself but now need to buy 2 sleeves and hopefully soon I'll just buy it by the case to keep the entire family tobacco free. I've handed out several cans to my friends in hopes of getting them started towards a tobacco free life. I do have a problem with the stores identifying this as a tobacco product when purchasing it. If teens want to buy it they can't because of the legal age requirement. Don't quite understand that??? Sincerely, M.M., Newark, Ohio" (Mint Snuff Note: Whenever Meijer is out-of-stock please let them know. Meijer has excellent customer-service and quickly re-stocks. Or e-mail bill @ and we'll fix it.)

"I started using smokeless tobacco at age 14. Twenty years later my wife became really persistent that I give it up. I have to tell you it was tough cold turkey, but I found Mint Snuff and never looked back. It is pretty hard to find in stores but one day after the fifth store I found the Mint Snuff Pouches, and I have used them ever since. I just wanted to say thanks for providing an alternative that works. -B.H."

"I've chewed tobacco for 30 years, and tried to quit so many times I can't even remember. I've tried the patches and gum, and just couldn't seem to curb my craving for chewing tobacco. I got my order of Mint Snuff on June 1st. and I've not had any chewing tobacco since. I quit cold turkey and amazingly enough haven't craved tobacco once. I think it must have to do with similar texture, having things to do, pieces to chew to keep occupied, etc. that makes this product successful over the patch and gum, at least for me. Plus, I don't have to spit all the time. Oh yeah, my breath is minty fresh too! Thanks Kim, and all the folks at Oregon Mint Snuff Company. I'm spreading the word! -D.F."

"Dear Oregon Mint Snuff Co., I want to tell you that your product is a HUGE part of why I have been able to quit SKOAL®. I highly doubt I could have done it without it. It may be a little messier than my old product but it won't give me the big C. I want to end this by sending a big THANK YOU!!!!! -P.K."

"Dear Bill, I dipped Skoal for over 23 years, 4 cans a week for the last 5 or 6 years. I've lost several teeth, lived with bleeding and swollen gums, bad breath and thick, white, leathery pre-cancerous patches under my lower lip. To be honest with you, it was the nicotine that scared me into action. My blood pressure was high, and I know my heart was being overworked because of bad lifestyle choices.

For the last several years, I didn't even enjoy dipping. I was a slave to the nicotine fix it provided. But the nicotine addiction was so overwhelming, I couldn't kick the habit cold turkey, and neither could I do it by slowing down my consumption.

I decided to try the titration method, gradually reducing my tobacco intake by mixing my dip with Mint Snuff. The plan I read about called for a week long 4 to 1 mix (80% tobacco), a 3 to 1 mix (75% tobacco), a 2 to 1 mix (66% tobacco), and a 1 to 1 mix (50% tobacco) before stopping all tobacco use.

Not wanting to fail, I stretched the plan out a bit. Instead of quitting at 50%, I dropped to 33%, then 25% when I finally quit.

It took 45 days to step down, but I still had a strong psychological desire to have a plug of chew in my mouth. Mint Snuff Pouches filled this need easily, and within a couple of weeks, I was able to wean myself off the pouches, although I do keep a few cans around for any cravings (which have been fewer and further between as time goes on).

My gums are pink and healthy again, my breath is better, and my blood pressure is lower.

I would have continued down the path of deteriorating health, had it not been for your product. If I can do it, anyone can! -DPW"

Your product is great. I chewed the real crud from 1978 until April 7th of this year. I absolutely could not have done it without your product. I buy at two Freddy's stores close to my home and my work, one on 39th & Hawthorne in PDX and one on Pacific Hwy in Tigard. I bought 10 yesterday and usually buy all they have. I stock up because if I run out I know what's going to happen. Please let your people know that I, for one, really really appreciate your work and the product that you turn out. It would not have been too many more years and I would have developed some major issues with my teeth and gums so you probably saved my face and possibly my life. Thanks so much and keep the Mint Snuff Pouches coming. -K.Z."

After 32 years of dipping the hard stuff - Copenhagen - I was a 1 and half can per day habit, with the tobacco bill to prove it. I would budget-in my tobacco purchases with each payday to ensure that I did not run out. Now at the age of 43, my wife and children asked me to quit. I knew that quitting would be a battle. You see, I've tried it all over the years, patches, medications, shock therapy, and even hypnosis. All have failed. Until now. I heard an ad for the Mint Snuff Company on the radio one afternoon. I looked up the website, read some testimonials and thought to myself, what have I got to lose? I found the closest store in my area that sells the product and purchased a tin of each of the flavors. I have come to personally like the spearmint. I am proud to report that as of today, I have been nicotine/tobacco free for 57 days and counting. I didn't have major withdrawals I had experienced with some of the other vices. I am able to sleep throughout the night. My wife is loving it, I don't have that spit-can smell or taste. I can actually kiss my wife during the middle of the day without having to brush my teeth first. THANK YOU for helping me help myself .J.C."

"Hey Bill, just wanted to say thanks. Unlike many of the testimonials, I am of the younger generation (no offense to the other folks here). I was 18 years old and was already dipping up to 3 cans of tobacco a week. I started chewing when I was 16 years old because I was told that it helped to cut weight during wrestling season. It was hardly an excuse to start but I finally gave in. After season I couldn't bring myself to stop. I was addicted and I wasn't sure what to do. One day I saw your product in the grocery store and my eyes lit up with excitement! Before then I had never found a reasonable or effective way to quit. Your product is cheap, effective, and life saving. It was a way for me to keep my oral fixation and I even bought a roll to hand out to my fellow wrestlers and friends that were in the same predicament that I was. I am glad to say that I and all of the friends that I introduced to your product are free of chewing tobacco. Your product has undoubtedly saved my friends lives as well as my own. I am 6 months tobacco free, and because of you, I plan on staying that way! Thanks from me and all my friends! S.L."

"I was a little hesitant to order, I wasn't sure what withdrawals I would have as I've been a smokeless tobacco user for 23 years. My wife and I celebrated my 39th birthday at Disneyland on Tuesday the 24th. We were there all day long and I didn't have one single withdrawal thanks to your Mint Snuff. Thanks for making such a great product available. Because I'm quitting tobacco, you and your company have helped me to have a few extra years with the lady I love, and I really appreciate you. God Bless you all. J.M."

"I can't thank Mint Snuff enough for helping me quit chewing, after thirty five years of chewing Copenhagen. I started chewing in 1973. After years of warnings and sore throats, I finally decided to stop chewing. I turned to Mint Snuff which has a great flavor, and felt like I still had tobacco in my lower lip. The quitting was easy because of the feel of having a chew in my lower lip was enough and discovered I didn't crave the tobacco or nicotine. Today if I don't have a Mint Snuff in my mouth, I feel like I'm missing something. I've been tobacco free now for six months and very happy, and can even taste my food now. Thanks, Mint Snuff. -Don S."