Why Should I Quit Chewing Tobacco?

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Mint Snuff Pouches (also called "Safe Sticks" and "Beaver Sticks") are a healthy replacement for cigarettes, chewing tobacco and chewing gum! And they freshen your breath, too! Mint Snuff Pouches fix coffee breath, beer breath, and garlic breath. They're really strong! Instead of a cigarette, Pop-A-Pouch! To use: Place a Pouch between your cheek and gums to allow the flavor crystals to slowly dissolve. Ask for Mint Snuff Pouches at your favorite store. For a store near you click here. Or order online! Order by phone: 1-800-EAT-MINT 9a-5p Mon.-Fri. Pacific Time. 1-800-328-6468 Try 'em for a buck!



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