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Stores that carry Mint Snuff Chew & Mint Snuff Pouches - click here

Many Kroger Stores now carry Mint Snuff Pouches in Mint, and Mint Snuff Chew in Mint. We are an "optional-item" at Krogers. That means if a customer requests Mint Snuff Pouches or Chew, any Kroger Store has the option of stocking it! For a Kroger near you, click here!. Walmart doesn't yet carry Mint Snuff, we'd like them to. Please feel free to ask WalMart to carry Mint Snuff Chew and Pouches!

Mint Snuff Chew & Pouches are usually available at: Meijer Gas and Meijer SuperCenters, King Soopers and City Markets. If they're out, please call or e-mail us. 1-800-EAT-MINT  or 

If you ask the store manager at your favorite tobacco shop, grocery or convenience store, they can get Mint Snuff Chew & Pouches in through their tobacco distributor (even though it's not tobacco, that's how it's distributed!) If you are a store and would like to carry Mint Snuff please ask your tobacco distributor for Mint Snuff Chew and Pouches, or call 1-800-328-7683. If you are a customer who cannot find Mint Pouches please call 1-800-328-6468 (1-800-EAT-MINT) 9-5 Pacific Time, M-F or

For exact store locations, click here.

Please tell your friends about Mint Snuff Chew and Pouches. Thanks.

Please Ask For Mint Snuff Chew & Mint Snuff Pouches At Your Favorite Store!
Or Call 1-.800-MINT-SNUFF 1-800-646-8768 9a-5p Pacific Time Mon-Fri.


    Why Should I Quit Chewing Tobacco?

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

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