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Mint Chew

Meijer Gas and Meijer SuperCenters - Please ask your local Meijers to stock Mint Chew and/or Mint Pouches if you don't find them there...Thanks!

Please ask your favorite local store to stock Mint Snuff.  They can check with their tobacco distributor or call us factory direct.  Thanks!

Please check with these stores (or request Mint Snuff at your favorite local store) :

(If they don't have Mint Snuff in stock, please e-mail the store location to us at MintSnuffMail@Yahoo.com and we will research it. Thank you for your time!)


Bradley :  3/17* Kankakee Natural Foods 1035 Mulligan Dr. #2 (60915) 815-933-6236

Chicago : (Merrionette Park)  9/17* Tobacco City 3281 W. 115th St. (60803) 708-489-5700

* * Arango Cigar Co. 800 222 4427* * * * * * * Callers may call Mike Gold @ Arango Cigar Co. and he will inform them of retailers in the Chicago area. He is a distributor.

Kewanee :  1/18*  Jo Jo's Convenient Store  501 N. Main St. (61443)  309-852-3086

Merrionette Park :  9/17* Tobacco City  3281 W. 115th St. (60803) 708-489-5700